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act of homophobia

hello guys. hows life? i am fine. i want to share with you one news which made me sad. so, check here and tell your opinions!

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Homophobic does not just hate

Homophobic does not just hate homosexuality, first of all he is afraid that he himself can treat sexual minorities. If a person suddenly sees behind himself any desires and fantasies associated with homosexuality, he has internal homophobia - the emergence of doubts about his own sexuality in its traditional sense. All these fears and experiences result in unreasonable aggression aimed at any manifestation of homosexuality.

Many people who oppose homophobia, argue that such an attitude is associated with generally accepted norms, morality, where there is no place for homosexuality. The advocates of sexual minorities explain this precisely by their aggression, rallies and, at times, too intrusive propaganda of homophobia.

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