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why you are here

well i think that it would be nice t talk here about something and i think that we can do it. I think that all the guys are interested in everything and would like to talk about something but I think that I can also help you and I hope that I would do it. The thing that I want to ask you is why you are here. I think that all the guys are registering on such websites with some purpose and that is why I think that you also have some purpose why you are here and you would be able to tell why you are actually using this website and what are you expecting from being here. Personally I am looking for new friends but I think that there can be a lot of different reasons. Waiting for your answers. Thank you for your attention and answers in advance. 

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why you are here

Well, I'm here because I want to express myself. I like that people here share their experiences and I can learn something new for myself. Here I can find out the most unusual news, find new friends and just get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday work. I like the atmosphere here. Everyone is happy and everyone's opinion is important. I'm also very glad that I can help someone with advice, for me it's not difficult, I'm glad to share useful information with other people. I hope that my words actually can help someone, or at least just raise the mood wink

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good day to you! nice to be here. i am here, because i want to speak with comebody, who can listen to me if i have got problems and be happy with me,if there is happiness in my life.i have broken up with my boyfriend, i had a depresion, i didn't know what to do next in my life. i stopped training, reading books, going for a walks or parties with my friends. my relatives began to sound the alarm, because i didn't want to communicate with anybody. but after that, my friend (she is a girl) recommended me this website. she told me, that here there are many people with such opinion which i have, that here i would find new friends. and you know what? i HAVE met new friends here. what about you? thanks to my friend, that she helped me to find way to start new life. i hope other people, who has such situation, also will find their way to live and to be happy in this life!

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