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50 shades of gray, liked?

I read the book and watched the movie and may say that a book was muuuuuuuuuch better(((( I do not know why didn’t I like the movie. Honestly it was close to the book. However I imagined main characters a bit different. Not so plain as they were in the movie. And those situations, those images of their sex life…. Too simple and nothing from the passion that the author described in the book was left. Although my husband liked the movie, I really did not. However it made a huge capital)))))))

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50 shades of gray, liked?

Perhaps the world went crazy, if this film is called the most anticipated. The film "50 shades of gray" is a work without a plot, without intrigue, without an outstanding acting game, without memorable dialogues and even that contradicts the given genre, without passion and without bright erotic scenes. The only thing that is more or less successful is a selection of soundtracks, and that is not entirely. And what about eroticism? Never mind. Where to get something that was not inherent in the original. In the scenes between sex actors are boring dialogues about anything, Dakota Johnson carefully eats her lip and Dornan struggles to catch up on pathos, depicting Mr. Gray. Dornan frankly overacts. One of the worst films ever wached. But it is only my opinion.

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 The sex scenes unappetizing

 The sex scenes unappetizing to aversion. The primitive language. Solid template "inner goddess" and "podkashivayutsya feet." In General, after 50 pages of this "coconia" my heart could not resist this read and I threw out the book.I too liked... Read to the end only because I do not like books in the middle of the throw. But the second and third part will be unlikely to read. :unsure: :unsure: :unsure: :unsure:
Judging by the annotations then wait some kind of psychology, but the majority of the book - the description of sex scenes, not too realistic by the way . to attract such a handsome man as grey. Delirium in General is still the same .

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