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ashamed of talking

I agree with you. Most of us do not feel shame, making love. Difficulties begin when you have to talk about sex. This is normal when you discuss absolutely everything. In a pair, no partner should hide anything from the other. Perhaps the problem was not only in him. Perhaps you have not shown yourself as a good listener. But I can not be exact, so excuse me in case of what. Many couples break up simply because they find it difficult to learn how to speak and listen. It is unfortunate that this happens to many good сouples frown

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i understand you, all the

i understand you, all the time i try to talk with him about all problem that we have, but he doesn't want, or it better to say he can't. i get used to this, but this is not right. Maybe some people just naturally can speak about their relation. if your partner is such you shoulf try to find a way out, for example to write to each other, may be this would be easier for him than talk.

he is not his partner anymore, so I think he does not need to do his best to solve ex's problems if he is not ready to do it. But I agree with you , that you should learn talking to each other, sharing your thoughts and solving your problems even if it is difficult, because it is too important. Even writting would be better than keeping silence.

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