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Cycling benefits

In the civilized world there are few people who could not ride a bicycle at all or categorically did not like this activity. Since its invention, the bike has remained at the peak of popularity, and there are many explanations for this. An uncomplicated mechanism successfully combines such qualities as convenience of use, health benefits and pleasant pastime. When riding a bicycle, the heart muscle is trained. Cardio strengthens the blood vessels and helps lower blood pressure. Slow riding perfectly calms the nerves, increases stress resistance, expands the horizon and helps to disconnect from routine worries.smiley

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A couple of weeks before the

A couple of weeks before the first training, it is necessary to do morning exercises. Pay due attention to the muscles of the back and legs. It is also useful to do the exercise "Bicycle" raised legs to perform a rotational movement.
Use of bike and weight. If you want help bike lose weight, you need to engage regularly. While cycling burned huge amount of fat. In order to maintain a shapely, toned figure, quite spent 45 minutes on the bike. It is prohibited to exercise immediately after eating. For best results, make sure that your food was low calorie.The use of the Bicycle in a good mood . Cycling has a positive effect on the nervous system - depression recedes, improves overall health.

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Very interesting. But for

Very interesting. But for cycling benefited, and not harmed our health, it is necessary to observe some rules. Do not practice immediately after meals or directly before it. Some frequent riding a bicycle can be a pain in the knees, as they account for a long load.

Biking is healthy, environmentally friendly transport, the benefits are huge, and it is difficult to overestimate.

But the choice of seat for the bike should be approached very carefully. B) B) B) B) If you have not played sports, before proceeding to regular cycling, you need to prepare your body.

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