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Nice to meet you

hello my dear! How are you? I am so happy to be here. Why am i here? Let's begin. My name is Karl, i am 22 years old. I am a student of philology. I like to learn foreign languages. I already know Ukrainian, German i began learn Russian and Chinese (which is very difficult). I have no boyfriend yet, but i hope to find friends here. I have already friends, but they are girls, and i wanf to find gau friends too. What about you?

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Hello! i am also happy to be

Hello! i am also happy to be here guys! you do not even imagine! i am so happy that there is so wonderful forum and we can communicate here with each other. We can discuss here a lot of interesting and useful topics. and that is so cool. i am so happy also to see here new members and i can say that you will enjoy the time here. as for me i have met here my love! i am not joking. my dear husband is also an active member of this forum. i can say even that it is our family tradition to visit it and communicate with other people here. as for our family life we have one child due to this forum and the information which we found here. now we are very happy and want to say thank you to everybody here.

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