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Honesty, honesty and honesty again.

I'm just telling you things that I know from my life. Well, or something I heard once. As expressed by this frustrated mother, lying children and teens can drive us nuts—if we allow them to. The best you can do as a parent is keep yourself from overreacting to your child's lies. If you overreact, then you are just building a bigger barrier between you and your child feeling safe to open up to you. This can also fuel further lying behaviors. The "truth" is that often pre-teens and teens will shade the truth or downright lie. It is best, as parents, not to take the lies personally.

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Honesty, honesty and honesty again.

Glades, if you want to bring up a good person, and of course honest enough in the society, then you have to be honest with other people, and with your child at first. You should be an example for your child - how to treat other people. This is the best way to grow your kid properly.

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In my opinion all this is

In my opinion all this is what I have heard, I read once in the past, and my opinion as well. I hope that the guys here can also give more. This is not easy, but if you step back and stay mindful that kids can lie for different reasons, this realization alone may help you stay calm.

Pre-teens and teens can lie to try to avoid getting in trouble, defend a friend they like, or lie because they are too upset to talk about painful experiences, like rejection from peers. It is important to be cognizant of the difference between lies that cover up for risky behaviors including drug use as opposed to smaller, everyday lies.

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You know I'm not too clever

You know I'm not too clever at it. But in any case, I've heard some things. Talk about how telling the truth can feel scary and how we can all feel scared and that it's okay. Share how calming down and solving problems are the keys for a successful life.

Relate how lies can give the tempting illusion of calm and avoiding problems (e.g. homework not completed) but in the long run lies just create stress and emotional chaos. If you feel that your child is making lies a "go to" way to cope then acknowledge this observation. Talk about the problems they face as a consequence of lying but don't use shaming tones as you speak.

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