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i do not even know but i do

i do not even know but i do not think that it is very important for the guys to be fashionable and i think that you understand what i am talking about but you shall know  that  i think that it shall be inside  you and i think that you know it, but if you do not have good taste then i think that you would not be able to change the situation much and you have to understand it. of course  you can try your best and i think that  maybe something will improve because if you watch some programmes and if you read something about fashion then i hope that maybe ti will help you but i think that you shall really try your best and then you would see the result.

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Dress with taste is always

Dress with taste is always necessary, not just occasionally. Correctly selected wardrobe includes stylish kits for every occasion of life: from the most comfortable sports suits to elegant evening tuxedos. In any place you will feel comfortable and at ease. The chosen clothing should correspond to the age and social status of the man. Funny, stupid and ridiculous look 50-year-old representatives of the stronger sex, dressing like teenagers, informal. Everything has its time. Ragged jeans, sneakers and flashy inscriptions on T-shirts remain a 20-year-old. Ageless classic and quiet elegant costumes - to men of age.The presence in the wardrobe of several seasonal suits for different purposes is not a luxury, but a simple necessity. Stitched out of quality material, the suit fits perfectly and does not cause inconvenience all day long. The color scale of the costume is selected depending on the time of year, the color type of the owner's appearance and his style preferences.

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