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How to maintain a fresh relationship?

the General rule in order to refresh their relations one to start to do something not done before or done very rarely, but what gives you both pleasure.

The second rule is spend as much time as possible together for a pleasant business or entertainment. Joint experiences of positive emotions have in common, and even, if you like, creates a positive feedback (simply put, a conditioned reflex). It is much better, when being with your loved one, You feel no internal stress, and the joy and anticipation of something pleasant.

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How to maintain a fresh relationship?

No matter how great of a relationship you share with another person, at some point things are going to feel a bit stale — the same routines, the same annoying habits, the same predictable experiences. This is natural when two people are together for any length of time, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to freshen things back up. By identifying problem areas and mixing in a focus on both new experiences and old favorites, you can help keep a good relationship fresh.

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How to maintain a fresh relationship?

i think that if you have relations and you are together some time you have definitely bother about this question because your relations wont be as fresh as they used to be several months ago. you get used to the person and do not to make any surprise for him. but i think that it is the thing that makes all the relations very exciting. you have to be really good in sex do not be afraid of trying something new , i think that it is really highly appreciated by your partner.

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I think that in every

I think that in every relationships love is the fire and we should do everything possible for it not to fade away. Sometimes we become too absorbed by daily routine, life problems that we forget to enjoy every moment of our life, which we spend with our beloved people. I think that for maintaining fresh relationships we must give constant care, tenderness and love to our sweethearts. Words have strong influence on people, if not to say the words of love to our boyfriends, with time there will appear the coldness in relationships. Going for dates, making little surprises, visiting the places you have never before will strengthen your relationships.

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I think that it is

I think that it is interesting. In order to pour a little freshness into your relationship,first of all,you have to be willing to do it,to see it is required.Some relationships might last very long without it,sort of renewing by itselves-it happens when the two people don't need that much of each other in any way.

But if your relationship with a guy is suffering and you start to get bored,beware and do something.Find your own ways to keep it fresh in bedroom (use your imagination,man),try to travel together more often,do some crazy stuff to turn it upside down-live free!

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