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How many partners?

i don't like, when people begin to brag that they had got million partners and that they are so well experienced in sex and that their future husbands will be happy to have such partner. if you have so many partners, don't speak about it, i think it is so shameful to have so many sexual partners. as for me, my husband the only men i have (even when i dated with girls we hadn't got sex, because we were too small for it). it is not because i am hypocrite, no. i like sex, but i met my future husband, when i was 18. we were friends for a long time, i had a depression, because i didn't know what happens to me, that i couldn't find a girlfriend. i fall in love with him at the age of 20, and i understood that i am gay. he helped me with it and supported. so now we are still together. and i am happy.

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