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Let's play one game 'I have never...'

I have played this game not long ago, by the way. And the answers were far from normal, so to say. Well, I like it, so let us play again. I have never dated the same guy twice. I mean after breaking up the relations. Consider it wrong. If the relations are over then finished forever. I have never slept with two guys on the same time. Well you know, what I mean. I do not know why, but I find it not normal, for me of course. Also I have never slept over being drunk. Never, really. I am not completely good, so to say, but have a night and not to remember it in the morning is not for me)

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I want to say thank you for

I want to say thank you for this theme. i think that it is very interesting and useful for every member of this forum. and also i like to play games. I have never been to Paris before and wish to see the Champs Elysses, Eiffel Tower, Louvre and Moulin Rouge whilst I am staying at the hotel in July. How close are these great attractions, what is the best tourist information book to get information from, can one make reservations in advance for the Eiffel Tower and especially the Moulin Rouge for Fri or Saturday night?

So many questions, so much excitement. An amazing Christmas present.

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The first player says what he

The first player says what he never did. Perhaps someone will want to become the first player (leader), or you can choose a presenter using the game "stone, scissors, paper." In the alcoholic version of the game it is provided that the players tell more intimate and personal things. Again, the first player (the presenter) says: "I never ..." And tells something that I never did. 
List things you never did, but try to focus on those activities that you know exactly what others have been doing. Thus, you need to "water" for your move as many people as possible, so that they leave the game as quickly as possible.

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