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My personal space.

I think that all is good, but the men have their sins. Some of them, zealously defending their own right to have a private space, infringe their beloved in this law. They do not allow him to meet with friends, to be alone with him, and so as to be afraid of the likely betrayal by his partner. In addition, most of the men are the owners and want to be a man was only with him. The result of such action displeases guys and comply with the requirements of equality. Unfortunately, often it is the lack of personal space of one of the partners is the cause of the break in relations.

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As for me i am really

As for me i am really familiar with the situation when you dont want and are even afraid of offending your partner. it is very bad to hurt him especially if he is very happy about it and he doesnt see anything bad in it, and usually comes the question how to find the best words.i had the similar problem and actually found the best words and he understood me. i decided to say it straight. dont be rude, just sit quietly and say that you dont want to hurt him really and you appreciate everything he does for you, but you need to have more free time and your personal space because you feel that there is too much him in your life.

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You know sooner or later, one

You know sooner or later, one partner gets tired of relationships that are closed on one another. He or she tries to escape to the previous hobbies - work, friends, hobbies. Problems begin to arise in that half, which was not able to switch to a part of life. Unable to find a passion for - the shower when the other has already done so, a person begins to take offense, to seek reasons for discord, to attract a mate back. Attempts to manipulate their partner, because it seems that she has betrayed. All this can lead to misunderstandings, quarrels, alienation, and then the inevitable ending relationships. So much better to agree in advance on the personal space in your relationship.

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