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Need friends and help

I know what you are talking about.This question hit home for me. I am so similar. You have to keep trying your best to build yourself up and think what a great person you are. I'd be your friend. Like many people have said join organizations, volunteer, go to public places and start a conversation, or try online. I am 19 and also grew up differently. I am a great person and have never hurt anyone. I have great morals and values. I was adopted as a child but my parents are a different race than me and siblings. I had no problem making friends as a child but once I started middle school I got bullied and turned away from making friends I guess. I didn't have friends in high school i could call up. I went to online school all four years. Now I'm in college and have joined organizations and surround myself with people. I have friends now but still am quiet and shy and feel like I'm on the outside and still feel different but I still try to keep on being myself. I wish the best to you and hope things change for the better.

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Don Adriano
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Need friends and help

Hi there, Frank! Nice to meet you here. This forum is very interesting and useful. You can find a lot of infotmation here which can help you in any questions. And i hope you find many friends here. Good luck!

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need friends

hello guys! How are you? Nice to meet you here. We all need friends and support. So i decided to register here to find friends. i didn't find this website by myself, my friend recommended me it. I want to find support not only in girls, i want to find gay friends. So, my name is Karl and i am 22 years old. I like to dance, to read books and to watch serials and tv shows. And what about you?

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