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well i think that it is

well i think that it is really very strange question because  you shall understand that of course plastic surgery is really very  dangerous and i think that you can understand it, it is not a simple,thing and of course it is a surgery and that is why if you are thinking about it then you shall think  twice about it and you shall be sure that you really want it and  that you really need it,and i think that the most important thing is the choice of the doctor and i think that you know what i mean, i think that if you choose  the good doctor then everything would be perfect and there would not be any problems with you and your health, that is what i think about it, thank you.

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It is not the number of

It is not the number of victims that grows, but the agitation around the complications, which sometimes happen after plastic surgery. Unfortunately, thanks to numerous television shows, many people see plastic as a pleasant and easy procedure. But this is the same aggressive intervention in the body as any other operation. If the statistics were kept, it would be obvious that the plastic surgeons suffer from lethal outcomes and complications much less often than in classical surgery.To make operations less traumatic, ideally - completely to leave from sections, having replaced them on endoscopic methods. In my opinion, in the future plastic surgery will be used only in extreme cases - after injuries and accidents, and with age-related changes it will be possible to fight with the help of the development of cosmetology and cellular technologies.

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