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oh, positive thinking is the

oh, positive thinking is the stuff i came several years ago after reading the well-known book 'Secret'. A lot of people are sceptic about it and say that it's a nonsence, who belives in this stuff. But after reading it I looked at the world diferently. I really stopped thinking about the falures and started thinking about happiness , health and future success. And you know what? The things began changing. Not so global as i hoped first but one by one . Starting from the small ones like free place for the car near the city centre or positive desicion of my boss) and i decided to be happy, because the universe really does a lot of great things. People change their attitute, when you're happy and smile a lot. I watched myself like the new person and try to keep this tendency))

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of course i think that it is

of course i think that it is very important and i think that for all the people it would be better  to think positively and i think that you know what i am talking about and you understand it. of course i know that it is  life and sometimes  we are depressed and maybe angry or something like that but i do not think that we shall think negatively and we shall spoil our mood, i think that it would not be right and you have to know it but in general  i think that you can find the way out of any situation, you shall just think more and  think positively and of course  you would find everything, that is what i think about it and i hope that it would help you inthe fitre, wish you good luck.

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Unwanted, obsessive thoughts

Unwanted, obsessive thoughts can bring a person to the state of anxiety or depression. They force to focus on negative events, often representing them worse than they really are. Being obsessed with such thoughts, a person looks eternally unhappy and finds fault with himself and others. Such thinking takes away the opportunity to feel happy.Can I turn off bad thoughts like annoying music? In fact, you can. Psychological techniques of stopping thoughts will help ward off unwanted thoughts and regain positive thinking.Numerous scientific researches show that the person's well-being largely depends on his thinking, and his thoughts are able to materialize. Negative thoughts can even attract illness. Thus, by changing your thinking, you can improve your health.In addition, the development of personality, business success and harmony with oneself and surrounding people depend on the direction of thinking.

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