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Running and jogging

I prefer running. As far as I know, running is faster sport activity than jogging. I don't like slowness in life, that's why I choose running. Everything i my life should be dynamic, and interesting to do. If you want to keep yourself fit, you should start doing it every morning.

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Running and jogging

Keep in mind that jogging will benefit you only if you will be doing them regularly. Get rid of depression and improve your mood. Modern man is prone to stress at work and in family life. But believe me, after running in the fresh air will make you forget about all the problems. Due to run can avoid such dangerous diseases of the cardiovascular system such as atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke. :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: Running also contributes to the development of new capillaries, which grow in the areas affected by various diseases. This helps to stop the progression of the disease,

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As for me I like running in

As for me I like running in the morning, because blood runs faster and it is easier for me to wake up Running is very useful for health and it is a very good way to burn extra calories.

It usually does not overload muscles, and if you have a player and choose an appropriate music, you can just enjoy the process of running . But the only minus of running is when the weather is bad you cannot run. But you can buy an indoor track and run at home, but it is not the same as running in sone parc or somewhere else outside, it brings much less pleasure. But it is also effective

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 I'm sure they mean nothing

 I'm sure they mean nothing by it. For years, before running became a more popular sport, it was just called "jogging". I don't think the average person can see someone out there on the streets running and make any kind of difference between what your pace is and whether they should be labeled a runner or a jogger.

They probably call anyone who is out there running just for the enjoyment or exercise of it, a "jogger". I don't pay much attention to what the average person calls it. It would only grate on my nerves if another runner at a race called me a jogger because I wasn't as fast as they were.

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