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sex positions

Kamasutra is a great book,and definitely not only to heterosexuals. ;) We all can find something real interesting for ourselves to do there,and if it's not there-use your imagination,man. :) We love to switch positions during sex with my partner all the time-it's for sure boring,if you do it one way over and over again.We also love to try something new and sometimes pretty extreme-we both love pleasant discoveries. ;) And we love making it all over the house-it doesn't have to be only your bed,go crazy,try something new and you'll see what's gonna come of it. :)

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You know if you've never seen

You know if you've never seen a dog humping another dog then you've been living under a rock...

Plain and simple, for good, hard, fast thrusting, the receiver is on hands and knees, backside to the Pitcher's penis, and away you thrust. This way the pitcher can pound and pull the receiver into him by holding onto his waist. This position also allows the receiver to either self-masturbate or be masturbated by the pitcher. But give the pitcher a break... thrusting, pulling, pounding and now you want him to multi-task with his hands as well... that's a demanding bottom!

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As for me I love all the

As for me I love all the positions but the missionary position is one of my favorites. It allows my boyfriend and I to look into each other's eyes and kiss during such an intimate moment. It's also very relaxing as I am lying on my back with him on top of me in that position.

Also my favorite is when I or my partner lies on their back when bottoming, because we can look at each other while having sex.. I also like sitting down on him, or him sitting down on me, again because we can look at each other. I don't like doggy style much because it's too impersonal. I've been with the guy for over 2 years.. I want to look at him when we are having sex and kiss him.

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