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The sex without commitment

Sex and alcohol. This is the best combination for me and such reflections on freedom in sex. It's no secret that alcohol loosens up and becomes a stimulant rash decisions. Therefore, if you are intoxicated and decides to free sex without commitment, it is important not to lose your head, and control the situation. In order not to experience disappointment, the partner should choose an adequate sober. I think that if your partner does not mind, you can have it from time to time. But in any case I can think of sex without commitment only in a state of intoxication.

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The sex without commitment

I think it is not so good idea)M ost importantly, make sure you and your partner are being safe. There is no commitment which means that either of you can do whoever whatever you want to do. Don’t ever get too comfortable with the situation that you stop using protection. Nothing is worth the risk that comes along with unprotected sex. so strap it up! The person who you thought was a friend could quickly turn into an enemy if an STD pops it’s ugly head into the picture.Friends with benefits isn’t something that’s for everybody. Some men prefer something that has more substance to it. Some want to give themselves to someone who is going to reciprocate something more than just sex. Whatever your case may be, do what suits you. Do what makes you comfortable and remember to keep the other persons feelings in consideration at all times.

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 in the beginning I also had

 in the beginning I also had some negative thoughts about things like that. But in any case, I thought about this situation a little deeper. I think maybe we can meet some couples today who have "open relationship".

It is quite difficult for me to describe the importance of this term. But in any case, I want to say that we are now able to meet couples who live together and perhaps even married, but they have the opportunity to have sex with any other man, if they want it. Maybe it's a little strange to those who are not accustomed to such things. But it really is happening in our world.

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You know it seems to me that

You know it seems to me that each of us must make his own choice in such situations. In addition, I also think that if someone truly understands that he is tired of family life. But he can not fix it somehow, then casual sex can be a really good tool to fix these moments. In addition, I also think it's a really good way to cope with a shortage of something new in your sex life. In any case, I think it should be a personal choice for each of us.

It sounds very tempting for me, but I still love my partner very much. And I do not even want to try to talk to him about these things.

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