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for me it really does not matter, you can choose it. but the more attention you pay to it the more arguments you will have because of it. i think that everything is in our heads and all problems we cause b ourselves. if you want the child to have your surname then just tell it to your husband and you will see that he does not mind. but if you will talk about it every day then i think that both of you will want it. for me it is not important that the child will have my surname.

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I want to say that we have

I want to say that we have different names with my partner, but I do not see a problem. In addition, I think that our baby will have the surname of my partner. We have already decided this a few months ago. And I think that all of this is normal.

Also, I do not know why it can be important for someone? We decided it all in this way because we both really want to have a child. And I think that a child should have the surname of the head of the family. So, we live in this way. I know that many ordinary families have one surname. But we do not see a big difference. In addition, each of us wants to keep our surname in any way. So, it's just our choice.

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You know we have different

You know we have different surnames because we are not married officially yet.

And to tell the truth, even when we are, I don't know whether I will take his surname or he will take mine or each of us ill remain with his own. We still hadn't made an exact decision. And as for our future child, I think that everything depends on his\her name - a surname should sound good together with the name. But a double surname is also a variant, we will think about it. I don't want to change my surname, I like it. But my partner likes his surname too, and each of us probably wants future children to have his surname

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