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You know what kind of

You know what kind of udoption did you decide to choose local or international one? If you decide to take baby overseas it will cause you more problems with docs plus you will be forced to spend money for tickets, leaving, meals an everything like this while you will be in another country. And if you decided to adopt locally check weather it is possible in your country to adopt children by same sex couples and han everything depends on you. Which conditions of living you are ready to provide for children, your financial conditions, your personal relations etc. it everything will be ok, think in a 1,5 year you will become parents.

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I think that both of you made

I think that both of you made the right decision. Also, I think it was really hard and very seriously. I think that you think about all the consequences of your decision. But now you have only two ways to have a baby. This adoption and surrogacy program.

Of course, the adoption will be much faster. Furthermore, it will be much cheaper. But you also have one drawback - the child is not your genetically. This problem is solved with the help of surrogate motherhood program. But it is really expensive, and you both have to wait for your child year. So only you can decide what is more convenient for you 

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