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Well He Says He Doesnt Love Me :(

good afternoon, guys! it is very important to show your partner all love that you have. but not too much, because i had situation in my life. i showed to my partner all love that i have. he decided, that i will do everything for him and instead of him. he didn't help me around the house, he didn't help me in the kitchen. even dinner i brought him, if i got sick or something like that. you should show your love, but moderately. i can advise you make him some surprises (but not often to not let him get used). by these surprises show how much you love him and how much you care. i think this can help you. hope you will be happy together for a long time.

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I think that it is very

I think that it is very interesting and useful for every member of this forum and I agree with previous posters - if you really feel that the blame for your breaking up is on you, then you have to correct the situation in all possible ways and try your best to change.

To change here and now, not to convince your partner that you will change when he comes back to you. Words are words and they are worthless when they are not confirmed by your deeds. If there is an exact reason why he left you and you are able to get rid of it, do it and there will be no need in convincing your partner in your love, he will see everything and will come back.

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