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What do you do to be in a good shape?

I like to run every morning, on the weekend go to gym. I try to keep my body in a good shape

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What do you do to be in a good shape?

The best solution for being fit and handsome, is being engaged in sport activity, attending gyms, or other sport halls. Also, if you really want to be so, you have to follow healthy way of life. It's the best way how to be better, or how to look well enough! Good luck.

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I think that anecessary

I think that anecessary condition for good health is a healthy lifestyle that involves getting rid of such bad habits as Smoking and alcohol abuse. Try as much a possible to contact with chemicals.Chronic sleep deprivation is a serious harm to the body. An adult should sleep 6-8 hours a night to feel refreshed and full of energy.
Now that you know what to do to be healthy, make every effort to do so, adopt a positive habit, and it will be rewarded with good health!The key to good health is undoubtedly the purity, spiritual and physical. Observing personal hygiene, daily cleaning service in the home and airing the apartment, you stand on the correct way to preserve health and secure yourself against many diseases.

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 Or, sometimes, cough a few

 Or, sometimes, cough a few times, and step out for a couple minutes; get a drink of water. If you want to get in shape but you’re too busy to hit the gym, you need to at least get yourself up and active. Walk. Park on the far side of the parking area. There are lots of ways to do such things, and they don’t need to be very time consuming or costly at all. Do aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercises are those that get your heart-rate up the most. They will improve your body’s ability to handle physical exertion and make you healthier. Aerobic exercises will help you lose any weight, if that is your goal but exercising like this will be absolutely required, if you want to get in shape. Be consistent! If you want to get in shape, you will need to get in some activity every hour, every day. You can’t expect results when you exercise inconsistently and infrequently. Have a plan and follow it.

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