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What is isotonic?

According to what I read "Isotonic" literally means "equal tension." It means that two substances have the same concentration of a solute. So in the case of an ' isotonic drink' it means that it contains the essential salts and minerals (electrolytes) in the same concentration as in the body and it is intended to replace those salts and minerals (electrolytes) lost as a result of sweating during vigorous exercise. Fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes understand that there are 2 crucial factors that help achieve exceptional performance they are 1) energy and 2) hydration. Just a 2% loss of fluid during exercise or mild dehydration can significantly harm performance and for exceptional performance water is simply just not good enough which is why the isotonic drinks market is booming.

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I want to say that

I want to say that isotonically called sports supplement to daily diet of athletes. This sports drink, which has a positive effect on the body, restoring it faster after prolonged stress. B) B) B) B) The main advantage of isotonic in that they contain a small amount of sugar and salt, which at a concentration similar to human concentration. In the time of hard exercise, the body loses fluid and dissolved salts and sports drinks help recover moreover and simultaneously replenishing the glycogen stores.

Isotonic from various manufacturers of sports food may contain dyes and sweeteners, , which may have carcinogenic properties in the body.

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As for me I do not like

As for me I do not like people takind all kinds of isotonic drinks because I strongly believe that they are bad for your health. Both physical and meantal health .Considering the latest reaserches these drinks are bad.

If a hypertonic solution causes water molecules to leave a liver, and a hypotonic solution causes water molecules to enter a liver, an isotonic solution water molecules would neither enter, nor leave a cell. That is why if you want to become famous in sport do it with your own forces not with help of additional drinks.

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